Best steroids for weight loss

02 Oct 2020 08:43

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There are several mechanisms by which steroids activate fat burning:

action on androgen receptors;
effect on glucocorticoid receptors.
Androgen receptors are sensitive to testosterone. They are found in both muscle and adipose tissue. The action of testosterone (steroids) on them activates muscle growth (when they are in the muscles), and stimulates fat burning when they are in the adipose tissue. The greater the concentration of these receptors, the stronger the effect.

Testosterone (steroids) inhibits the action of another type of receptor - glucocorticoids. These receptors are sensitive to another hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for fatigue. Therefore, when taking steroids, athletes can train longer. Cortisol also stimulates fat gain and catabolism (destruction of muscle tissue).

When the action of cortisol receptors is suppressed with the help of steroids, this activates fat burning.

The effect of taking steroids for weight loss is explained by their action on certain receptors in adipose tissue that activate the process of burning fat for energy.
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